New betting sites Australia

There are many betting companies in Australia, and new betting sites are launched regularly. Knowing which one to choose to get a safe gaming experience is not always easiest. Therefore, we have gathered the best new betting sites in one place so that you will have a safe and superb gaming experience. All gaming operators we list are 100% secure with a license to make you feel safe when placing odds.

New betting sites are modern

There are many benefits to choosing new betting sites in Australia. New betting sites often offer outstanding mobile opportunities that allow you to play anywhere. They also tend to provide high odds to ensure you get the best as a new player. New betting sites want to attract new players and invest in high odds.

Their websites are also usually very user-friendly. That is is because new gaming operators typically have perfect conditions in terms of having the latest technology for you as a player. That means exceptionally user-friendly websites where you can easily browse between the games and at the same time get an outstanding gaming experience with fast loading times.

How we rank the best new betting sites in Austalia

We look at several things when listing the best bookmakers to have the most optimal experience possible. But what is essential for you as a player? We go through what we consider most important when producing our top list of new Australian betting sites.

Ease of Use

It should be a user-friendly website in all situations where you can easily browse between the odds and the various functions. You should find what you are looking for quickly and easily. In addition, we, of course, want fast loading times, so you do not have to spend time waiting and getting frustrated. The same applies to the mobile opportunities for you as a player. Being able to place odds from a mobile phone is extremely important.

Good and high odds

No matter how many sports and markets there are, the odds are most important. We want as high odds as possible. It varies between different bookmakers how high the odds are. But some betting operators have high odds more frequently than others. The operators we list generally have very high odds.

Fees and withdrawal times

Fortunately, fees have begun to disappear to an increasing extent at betting sites in Australia, to both deposits and withdrawals. And those who still have fees usually have shallow ones. We do not list bookmakers with high fees. Furthermore, there should also be quick withdrawals so that you can get the money instantly.

Stick to sports betting at bookmakers with everything in order

There are always betting sites that do not live up to the standards you should expect from a sports betting company. Therefore, a good tip is to start by finding the betting sites with the basics in order. Such examples are user-friendly websites, fast and relevant payment methods, customer support 24/7, and a betting license. If this is in order, the bookmaker will have a good reputation in the market, and you can go on to find the bookmaker that suits you best.

Read betting tips and place odds where the conditions are best

We recommend that you read what you come across of betting tips in newspapers and on the betting pages since such analyzes give you good directions before you place a bet.

Perhaps the best advice we can give is to play with the bookmaker that offers you the best odds condition for the relevant betting market. It’s brilliant because the bet costs the same anyway, but you win more when you win if you choose the highest odds.

Odds on your mobile – place odds everywhere

Many people today choose to place their odds on a mobile device. That is no surprise since you get a much more flexible gaming experience when you bet from your smartphone or tablet. You can take the betting operator with you everywhere and place your odds no matter where you are. As long as you have a mobile device and an internet connection, you also have access to odds everywhere. Maybe you are sitting on the train and reading a betting tip that you want to follow and place a bet.

Above all, it is good to bet live because you may not be at home and have access to a computer when the match is in progress. All bookmakers we have listed have odds accessible from the mobile, making you bet from your smartphone or tablet anywhere. Some offer an app, while others provide betting via mobile browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Live betting gives an entirely different excitement

When you bet live, you get a completely different excitement. You will get odds in constant change and enjoy a gaming experience that gives that little extra. Because the odds change during the match, a specific circumstance can cause the odds to change radically. That means that you get more out of your experience since you end up closer to all the offered action and excitement.

It becomes an entirely different experience for you as a punter when you bet live. The goal is to find the odds when they are at their highest. It is not always the easiest, but the odds are usually significantly higher during the match than before the beginning of the game.

Watch the live stream at new betting sites

When you bet live, it becomes much more exciting to watch the game simultaneously. That will also make it easier for you to analyze what happens in the match. Today, the viewing rights to sports are more widespread than ever. Fortunately, it is possible to participate in lots of live-streamed sports for free at betting sites in Australia.

Not all operators offer live streams, but the most prominent ones usually do. Then you can watch the match and place your odds at the same place. To take part in live-streamed sports free of charge at a betting company, it is usually required that you either have a positive balance available or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. If you got this covered, you could save hundreds of dollars annually by watching the matches at the betting sites instead of subscribing to all the expensive streaming sports services.

Most popular sports and markets in Australia

In Australia, there are an incredible number of sports to discover. Rugby, Aussie Football and Cricket are the three major sports, also noticeable at betting sites. There are an enormous amount of odds at the bookmakers in these sports. But today you can also bet on E-sports, soccer, volleyball and much more. Bookmakers have an incredible range, including betting on politics and entertainment.

NRL odds and betting 

The National Rugby League, or NRL, is always available with odds at bookmakers that accept players from Australia. After the AFL, the NRL is the most popular league in odds and betting. Finding the best odds on the NRL is therefore essential, and there is a lot to take part in for you as a player. Follow the Sydney Roosters, Wests Tigers, Brisbane Broncos, and other big teams vying for the NRL title.

AFL odds – Australian Football League

AFL is the most popular league in Australia, clearly noticeable on betting sites. You can bet on all matches, place your odds even before the season starts, and follow Fantasy to get even closer. There are also AFL Women’s that are becoming increasingly popular. You will find many odds and markets on the AFL at bookmakers in Australia.

Cricket is huge in Australia

Cricket is extremely popular in Australia. There are many tournaments, and when these are going on, there are more odds than usually available. The Marsh One-Day Cup, Sheffield Shield and the Women’s National Cricket League are held annually. When it comes to leagues in Australia, you can bet on the Big Bash League and the Women’s Big Bash League. But the interest is probably most remarkable in the Cricket World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, ICC Champions Trophy or Women’s Cricket World Cup. You can also bet on the leading international leagues.

Horse Racing is massive for odds

The culture of betting on horses dates back many years. Then, however, it was not the online betting companies that set the odds but instead on the track. Today it looks different when regular bookmakers offer horse racing betting, which means that the odds can also vary between other bookmakers. There is trotting, greyhounds and much more to discover at the gaming companies.

Odds bonuses at Australian betting sites

Unfortunately, there are strict restrictions regarding bonuses and welcome offers for players in Australia. In 2019, the government decided to ban bookmakers from offering welcome bonuses to new customers. The reason is admirable since it is to help those who have a gambling addiction, but unfortunately, they also affect those who do not have problems.

There are also other restrictions and laws for players in Australia. But what’s nice is that sales were allowed to continue as usual. That also applies to you who want to take part in fantasy betting. Fortunately, there are other types of odds offers to discover, even if welcome bonuses are prohibited.

Odds boosts 

Getting boosted odds means that the odds are raised to the extent that it no longer reflects how likely an outcome is. Therefore, it is very good with odds boosts at the betting sites because you get to place bets at higher odds than usual. A betting company can choose to increase the odds on a specific match. In concrete terms, this means that the betting site raises one or more odds on a game to make it more appealing to you as a player. Boosted odds allow for higher wins and more excitement.

Cash-out – Early payout

Sometimes a match turns into one’s injury. Maybe you have bet that a team will win the game, but there is a bad feeling that the opponent will turn the match around after a while. With Cash Out, there is the opportunity to take out some of the winnings and save the game before the game is over and the other team turns. Therefore, some appreciate early payout among Australian players.

Cash Out has been around for quite a few years and is available today at almost every betting company in Australia. Secure some of the winnings even if the match is not over by using early payouts. But be careful not to use it on every game, as it means you will miss out on many potential wins in the long run. Discover early payouts at bookmakers today and what benefits it can bring you to use it. All betting companies we show here have Cash Out as a feature available.

Summarize about New Betting Sites Australia

There is a vast world to discover for you who like to bet on sports. Whether you enjoy horse racing, cricket, rugby, football, or any other sport, there is an enormous amount for you to discover. You can bet on lots of sports at outstanding odds. On this page, we have gathered the very best new betting sites to have a perfect gaming experience. You will surely appreciate it.

Get started today and start gambling live. There is a lot to discover for you, and you can thus take part in an exceptional gaming experience. Get started today at a bookmaker in Australia and find the available magical world.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I place odds in Australia?

    Yes, many betting sites accept players from Australia. Thus, you have outstanding opportunities to find a betting company that offers excellent odds. Get started today and discover the joy and excitement that odds give you.

  • Is it possible to bet from the mobile?

    Yes, all betting companies offer odds on mobile. You can either download an app or play directly in your mobile browser. By playing from your mobile, you get much greater freedom in your betting and place odds anywhere. It gives utterly different flexibility and is highly recommended.

  • What are in-play betting and live odds?

    In-play betting or live odds means that you place odds during the match. That gives you significantly better odds while getting more excitement in your gambling. You can place odds while a cricket match is in progress or as it draws to a close in a rugby match. Live betting is fascinating and more and more players in Australia are choosing this when it comes to gambling.

  • Is online betting legal in Australia?

    Yes, betting sites in Australia have a lot to offer and are entirely legal. That includes all gaming companies that we have listed. Just choose one of our bookmakers and get started instantly with your odds. That is something we think you will appreciate.

  • What are the deposit limits for Australian punters?

    The minimum amount you have to deposit with a bookmaker varies depending on which operator you play. It may also be the case that the payment method also has a minimum limit. You can look at the payment methods offered and it says how much is required for both deposit and withdrawal.

  • What are the most popular betting markets in Australia?

    Horse racing is usually ranked as number one by the gaming companies in Australia, but cricket, rugby, tennis, Aussie Football, tennis and soccer are also very popular. In these sports, you will find the most options in terms of odds and betting.

  • What payment methods can be used on betting sites in Australia?

    That varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Debit cards like VISA and Mastercard usually work great. PayPal and Bank Transfer are also typically available like Paysafecard and sometimes also cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

  • Can I receive a welcome bonus?

    No, unfortunately, welcome bonuses are banned for Australian players. That means that you can not receive a welcome bonus. But fortunately, there are other offerings to discover. Among them, you will be able to find boosted odds, previous withdrawals, doubled winnings, and racing refunds. Thus, there is a lot to discover, even if welcome bonuses are unavailable.